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Interview With Masrour Barzani: Reuters

Masrour Barzani says "t's a constant effort by our organisations to try to maintain security and to provide the best security for the people."

What exactly is the nature of the threat you now face with ISIS? Masrour Barzani: We were caught by surprise, to be quite frank with you, about the way the Iraqi military institutions collapsed – divisions of the Iraqi army left their posts and all the military equipment they left …

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Militants Sweeping Toward Baghdad

Burned vehicles belonging to Iraqi security forces on Wednesday, the day after Sunni insurgents seized control of the city of Mosul. Credit Reuters

Sunni militants extended their control over parts of northern and western Iraq on Wednesday as Iraqi government forces crumbled in disarray. The militants overran the city of Tikrit, seized facilities in the strategic oil refining town of Baiji, and threatened an important Shiite shrine in Samarra as they moved south …

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President Barzani Addresses EU Parliament

Kurdistan Region President Addresses EU Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee

Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani today addressed a special meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Union’s Parliament in Brussels. In an event attended by a large number of MEPs, in his address the President talked about the latest political and security developments in Iraq, in Kurdistan and …

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