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ISIS Resumes Attacks on Yezidis in Shingal

The few hundred families that are now in Shingal mountain are said to be surrounded by ISIS,

  Islamic State (ISIS) militants have launched a major attack against thousands of Yezidis, a religious minority who are surrounded on their sacred mountain in northern Iraq.Qasim Shesho, a Yezidi commander on Shingal mountain, told Rudaw that ISIS began an offensive early on Monday that continued throughout the day.“A large …

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U.S. will use airstrikes to avert genocide in Iraq, Obama says

Obama Foreign Affairs

President Obama, saying that he was acting to avert a threatened genocide, announced that he had authorized airstrikes against Sunni militants who have advanced quickly across northern Iraq, driving tens of thousands of people out of their towns and villages. In addition to the threat of airstrikes, Obama said U.S. …

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