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KRSC Releases Result of Free Sinjar Operation

kurdistan region security council

Operation Free Sinjar , supervised by President Masoud Barzani and supported by the International Coalition, concluded at approximately 1500hrs on 13 November 2015 as Peshmerga forces successfully reached Sinjar town. Operation Free Sinjar achieved its primary objectives: to cordon off Sinjar town, disrupt Highway 47 from East and West Sinjar, …

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President Barzani: Shingal Liberation Soon

Masoud Barzani Shingal

President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani delivered a speech Monday in Duhok at a ceremony to honor the first anniversary of the Shingal Massacre, which the Islamic State, or ISIS, enacted upon Kurdish Yezidis.  “Nothing hurt me as much as the catastrophe that befell the Yazidi Kurds,” Barzani said in …

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Qassim Dirbo: Shingal Liberation Soon

The liberation of Shingal town can be achieved in short time, says a Peshmarga commander.

A Peshmarga commander in Shingal says that liberating Shingal is approaching but there are several prerequisites before the operation can be launched. Qassim Dirbo, a senior commander of the Peshmarga forces on the Shingal Mountain, told the online KDP news website that the President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani informed …

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Barzani Meets with Yazidis and Promise KRG Support Will Continue

The Yezidi people asked Barzani to make Shingal area a province.

In a meeting with the Iraqi Kurdistan President in April 24th, people from Sinjar, northern Iraq, whose areas are currently under Islamic State (IS) control, have asked for Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani to liberate and establish a new governorate in Sinjar. Qassim Smier, the commander of Yazidi Peshmerga forces …

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