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Iraq’s Kurds Want U.S. Help to Hold Off Islamic State Extremists

Kurdish Peshmerga forces raise the Kurdish flag at a checkpoint on the road leading from Kirkuk to northern Iraqi city of Tikrit on June 30, 2014. (Marwan Ibrahim/AFP/Getty Images)

Each day, Kurdish security forces­ in northern Iraq skirmish with fearsomely armed Islamic State militants along their new, nearly 650-mile border. The Kurds have held their own so far. But without fresh arms supplies or financial assistance their fight is unsustainable, a senior Kurdish official said. Masrour Barzani, the Kurdistan …

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Interview With Masrour Barzani: Reuters

Masrour Barzani says "t's a constant effort by our organisations to try to maintain security and to provide the best security for the people."

What exactly is the nature of the threat you now face with ISIS? Masrour Barzani: We were caught by surprise, to be quite frank with you, about the way the Iraqi military institutions collapsed – divisions of the Iraqi army left their posts and all the military equipment they left …

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Masrour Barzani Warns West of Iraq Blowback

Masrour Barzani fears that the Western inaction causes the empowerment of ISIS.

Western countries will end up fighting insurgents who have overrun large parts of Iraq on their own doorstep unless they intervene to combat the threat at its source, a senior Kurdish security official said in an interview. Masrour Barzani, head of the Kurdish region’s National Security Council, said he doubted …

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Masrour Barzani: Kurdistan is De-Facto Sovereign State

The top security official of Kurdistan says we are only short of international recognition.

Masrour Barzani: Kurdistan is De-Facto Sovereign State Masrour Barzani, the Adviser of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council, told FRANCE 24 that the international community should start recognizing the rights of the people of Kurdistan as Kurdistan has become a “de-facto sovereign state” in reality. “We are building a democratic, tolerant …

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