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President Barzani and Iraqi PM Abadi Discuss Mosul LIberation

Its the second meeting of the two leaders only after their February meeting in Munich, Germany.

  President Masoud Barzani welcomed a delegation from the Federal Government of Iraq headed by Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi. The delegation included a number of military and security officials as well as immigration and other Iraqi officials. President Barzani and Prime Minister al-Abadi discussed the latest military advanced by the …

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Masrour Barzani: Mosul Residents Need to Lead Liberation of the City

The Chancellor of the Security Council discussed the process of liberating Mosul with the Governor in Exile of Mosul.

The Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region Security Council met with the Governor of Mosul Atheel Nujaifi on 5th April and discussed the expected operation to liberate the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Nujaifi praised the Peshmerga for sacrificing their lives in fighting Islamic State (IS) and liberating a large area, saying they have won the …

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Kurdistan PM Moves to Reassure Oil Companies in Kurdistan

The KRG argues that it has exported the agreed amount of oil, while Baghdad denies.

A Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegation is to visit Baghdad to discuss the implementation of the Erbil-Baghdad agreement. The Kurdistan Prime Minister has asked oil companies to resume work. Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament Tariq Gardi told BasNews, “A technical committee from the KRG will visit Baghdad soon to oversee Kurdistan oil …

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PM Barzani: Shiite Militias Should Be Regulated

nechirvan barzani

As the battle grinds on against the Islamic State — also known as IS, ISIL and Daesh — there is growing concern about the mounting influence of Iran and Shiite militias known as the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) inside Iraq. The Iraqi Kurds, who continue to clash with the Shiite-led government in Baghdad …

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