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Kurdistan; Ever Close to Independence

Kurdish peshmarga flag

THEY are questions that no politician can avoid in what the international lexicon calls the Kurdish Region of Iraq. Is Kurdistan going to be independent? And, if so, when? Virtually all Iraq’s 6m Kurds would give an emphatic yes to the first question. But most would wobble and waffle on …

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Tehran-Erbil Vow to Fight Terrorism Regardless of Differences

Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani (R) receiving Iran's speaker of parliament Ali Larijani.

Iran’s Speaker of Parliament said his country is committed to supporting the Kurdistan Region in its fight against the Islamic State (ISIS). Ali Larijani, Iran’s speaker of parliament who arrived in Erbil on Friday said that Tehran was “greatly content” to see Kurdish Peshmerga forces triumph over the militant extremists. …

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President Barzani Receives Iranian Foreign Minister

The Iranian Foreign Minister showed his country's support for Kurdistan Region.

  President Masoud Barzani met with the visiting Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif in Erbil on Tuesday. The two discussed the fight against ISIS terrorists, government formation process in ×Baghdad and other issues of mutual concern.Foreign Minister Zarif stated that the Islamic Republic would always stand by the Iraqis, including the people of Kurdistan, against terrorism, adding …

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