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Ashti Hawrami: There is Misunderstanding in KRG-Baghdad Oil Deal

The Natural Resources Minister replies to a number of issues regarding oil and gas issues in Kurdistan.

In a detailed interview with Rudaw, Kurdistan’s Minister of Natural Resources Ashti Hawrami explains the hurdles encountered by the Kurdistan Regional Government over an oil deal signed with Baghdad. That agreement was supposed to mend a year of tensions and restart payments from Baghdad for the running of the regional …

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Confidence in the Future

President Masoud Barzani 3

Invest In Group talks to President Masoud Barzani about the Kurdistan Region’s cooperation with the international community, new regional challenges, and Kurdistan’s most significant achievements in recent years. How would you characterize the Kurdistan Region’s diplomatic and security cooperation with the international community against the ISIS threat? The ISIS terrorist …

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2014 ‘A Turning Point For Kurdish Oil and Gas’

Tony Hayward, left, with Genel Energy’s  former chairman, Rodney Chase, at a site in the Taq Taq oil field.

Kurds have created a real chance to make income for themselves by selling their own oil in Iraq and they will probably make more money by selling their own gas, Tony Hayward, the head of Genel Energy, one of the largest companies operating in northern Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). …

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