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Iraqi Kurds Navigate a Cautious Path Toward Independence

barbara slavin

Masoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq, got head-of-state treatment in Washington this week: two meetings with Vice President Joe Biden with a “drop-in” by President Barack Obama plus talks on Capitol Hill and the State Department and appearances at several Washington think tanks. Barzani governs …

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Kurds Need More US Support

trudy rubin

Fifty yards from my hotel, in the largely Christian neighborhood of Ainkawa, a car bomb went off last Friday. You can still smell the acrid smoke where the Nili cafe was shattered, killing two young men who had stepped out for a smoke not far from the U.S. consulate (which …

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Kurdistan: A Miracle Required, Every Single Day

sasha toperich

People in the streets of Erbil are saying these days, “We are fighting three extremely difficult battles: We fight ISIS with poor and outdated weapons, we struggle to absorb the refugees that have increased our population by 28 percent, and we fight with Baghdad to get our money to survive.” …

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How to Deal With the Islamic State? Arm the Kurds

bernard levy

Leave Erbil and take the southern road toward Mosul. There, in a landscape of hills green but bare, is the front line where General Barzani’s Peshmerga fighters are arrayed against the the Islamic State. “We lack everything,” the young general tells me, standing with his men in the last little …

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