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A Terrorist Group Arrested in West Kirkuk, KRSC

KRSC ISIS terrorists arrested

The Kurdistan Region’s Security Council said on Tuesday that a group of six ISIS terrorists have been arrested in a special operation in a village on west the city of Kirkuk on January 30th night. The group, affiliated to the self-proclaimed Islamic State, had planned attacks in Kirkuk and Dubiz …

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Masrour Barzani: ISIS is a Lost Cause

Masrour Barzani Hungary

The Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council emphasized that Kurdistan will remain a stable and safe haven in the Middle East. On Tuesday Masrour Barzani received Hungary’s Ambassador to Iraq Atilla Tar and discussed the bilateral relations, military cooperation and training to Peshmerga forces and the progress of the …

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Kurdistan Independence Brings Stability, Masrour Barzani

Masrour Barzani and Frank Baker UK Ambassador toIraq

Masrour Barzani says the independence of Kurdistan will bring stability to Middle East and provide further equality to the people of the area. In a meeting with the British Ambassador to Iraq Frank Baker on Saturday, the Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council Masrour Barzani briefed the Ambassador on …

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Masrour Barzani, Islamic Union Discuss Independence of Kurdistan

Masrour Barzani Islamic Union of Kurdistan Salahaddin Bahadin

In a visit to the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) headquarter in Erbil, Masrour Barzani emphasized that independence is the unifying factor for all political parties and factions in Kurdistan. On Wednesday, Masrour Barzani, on his capacity as member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Politburo, accompanied by other senior KDP …

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