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Putin Condemns Ukraine Operation

Three Pro-Russian Protesters Killed in East Ukraine City of Mariupol

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he hoped not to send Russian troops into Ukraine but didn’t rule it out, accusing the Kiev government of committing “a serious crime” by using the military to quell unrest. Speaking during an annual televised event in which he takes questions from the public, …

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Kremlin Deploys Military in Ukraine, Prompting Protest by U.S.

Ukraine's political split reflects a deeper cultural divide in the country. In the 2010 presidential election, the opposition won in all of Ukraine's western provinces, where most people speak Ukrainian rather than Russian and many call for deeper economic and political ties with Europe.

Russian armed forces seized control of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula on Saturday, as the Russian Parliament granted President Vladimir V. Putin broad authority to use military force in response to the political upheaval in Ukraine that dislodged a Kremlin ally and installed a new, staunchly pro-Western government. Russian troops stripped of …

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Rachel Manning murder: Shahidul Ahmed found guilty

Shahidul Ahmed was a restaurant worker when he killed Miss Manning

Shahidul Ahmed strangled Rachel Manning in Milton Keynes and dumped her body at a golf course in 2000. In 2002, Barri White was convicted of murder and his friend Keith Hyatt of perverting the course of justice. Both had their convictions quashed in 2007. Ahmed, 41, of Bletchley, was ordered …

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16 Years Later, New Dark Hints in Princess Diana Death

The wreckage of Diana's accident lifted onto a waiting truck.

New hints of conspiracy in the death of Princess Diana have royal watchers buzzing once again, nearly 16 years after the woman who would now be a royal grandmother died in a Paris car crash. London police said Saturday that its investigators were assessing the “relevance and credibility” of information …

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