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Erbil Say Will Sue Baghdad If It Blocks Oil Sales

The KRG has also been buoyed by a ruling by Iraq's Federal Supreme Court, which denied Iraq's Oil Ministry request for a preliminary injunction against the KRG's exports.

Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan Region has hit back at Baghdad over independent oil exports, a letter from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) showed, threatening to counter sue the central government for trying to block its sales. The strongly worded letter shows growing confidence from the Kurdish capital Arbil in the long-running …

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Erbil Says Tanker Carrying Kurdish Oil ‘Reached its Destination’

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The KRG independent oil sales has been started since early 2014.

The tanker that lifted the first shipment of piped Kurdish oil at the Turkish port of Ceyhan late last month has arrived at its destination, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced. “The tanker (carrying Kurdish oil) has reached its destination,” said KRG Spokesman Safeen Dizayee. “We are insisting on exporting …

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