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President Barzani Receives UK Secretary of State for Defense

President Masoud Barzani and UK Defense Minister FallonPresident Masoud Barzani received a senior United Kingdom delegation headed by Sir Michael Fallon, the Secretary of State for Defense and a number of other military officials. The delegation also included ambassador Frank Baker, UK’s ambassador to Iraq.

During the meeting Secretary Fallon began by stating that he is pleased with the progress made against the terrorists of the Islamic State by the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces. He made reference to the perished among the Peshmerga forces during this war and conveyed his condolences to the families and loved ones of those who paid the ultimate price in defense of Kurdistan, Iraq and beyond.

Secretary Fallon and President Barzani spoke of the ongoing Mosul operation and they both expressed their satisfaction on the level of cooperation and coordination between the participants in the operation the Iraqi forces, the Peshmerga forces and the coalition. President Barzani reiterated his position on the significance of focusing on the post-liberation status of Mosul and how the management of that city after the Islamic State will indeed be a challenging period.

The President took advantage of the opportunity to express his appreciation to the people and government of the United Kingdom for their support to the Kurdistan Region during these very challenging times.

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