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A Terrorist Group Arrested in West Kirkuk, KRSC

KRSC ISIS terrorists arrestedThe Kurdistan Region’s Security Council said on Tuesday that a group of six ISIS terrorists have been arrested in a special operation in a village on west the city of Kirkuk on January 30th night.

The group, affiliated to the self-proclaimed Islamic State, had planned attacks in Kirkuk and Dubiz town. They are charged with several terrorist attacks in Kirkuk and the villages in west of Kirkuk. The operation has been conducted by both KRSC’s departments of Counter Terrorism and Kirkuk Asayish forces.

Their names are as following:

1-      Barzan Mohammed Makhlif, group leader

2-      Rukan Mohammed Ali

3-      Nazhan Mohammed Makhlif

4-      Ahmed Mohammed Makhli

5-      Mohammed Ali Ibraim

6-      Fars Makhlif Aswad




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