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ISIS Leader Killed in West Kirkuk, KRSC

The Kurdistan Region’s Security Council announced the death of senior ISIS leader in the Kirkuk province who took part in the martyrdom of several Peshmerga members and the trade of Kurdish isis-leader-in-hawija-kirkukYazidi women.

“A joint operation by Kurdistan’s Counter-Terrorism Forces (CTD) and a Global Coalition member killed ISIS terrorist Islam Taha Mohammed al-Obaidi, known by nom de guerre Dr. Moawiya,” said the KRSC on Monday. “The operation took place in Hawija, West of Kirkuk, on January 5.”

Hawija is the largest ISIS held town in the Kirkuk province and perhaps one of its largest remaining areas under the self-declared caliphate in Iraq.

“Al-Obaidi was Chief Emir of ISIS’s Health Department (Diwan) in Kirkuk Province and responsible for killing tens of civilians in Kirkuk’s province. He took part in the martyrdom of four Peshmerga in January 2015 and played a key part in harming Kurdish Yazidi women in Hawija.”

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