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Masrour Barzani: It’s Now Easier To Reach Post-ISIS Management for Mosul

masrour-barzani-and-deputy-us-chief-of-missionsIn a meeting with US Deputy Head of Mission in Baghdad, Stephanie Williams, the Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council Masrour Barzani reemphasized on a political agreement on post-ISIS Mosul.

The meeting focused on the Iraq’s challenges ahead of major offensives against ISIL, the political and military needs for liberating the areas now under control of ISIS, and the importance of political agreement between the Iraqi communities.

Masrour Barzani said that it is necessary to “contextualize Iraq’s war as part of ethnic, religious and political differences, and address root-causes of problems to win the peace.”

“We believe problems will surface once Mosul is liberated. It’s easier to reach a post-management deal now whilst the parties need each other.”

Both sides also discussed the military needs of the Peshmerga forces and offering more humanitarian assistance to the Kurdistan in the wake of the military operation which will cause hundreds of thousands more IDPs to seek refuge in the Kurdistan Region.

“We are in cooperation with the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations and we see a positive response,” said the Deputy US Chief of Missions, emphasizing on continuing negotiations with the Kurdistan Regional Government.

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