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President Barzani Receives Top US and German Military Leaders

President Masoud Barzani received a German military delegation today headed by Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, the Minister of Defense. President Barzani warmly welcomed the minister and stated that these trips by her are a clear demonstration of Germany’s resolute stance on supporting the Kurdistan Region during this war against the terrorists of the Islamic State.

The minister expressed, on behalf of the government of Germany her unwavering support to the Kurdistan Region and stated that the terrorists, especially in the past two years have indeed brought Germany and the Kurdistan Region even closer to one another. Ms. von der Leyen added that the bravery of the Peshmerga forces has become a well known fact across the world and that their task is indeed one of admiration as they are fighting an enemy which is a threat to all freedom-loving people around the globe.

The two sides spoke of the general events of the war against the terrorists of the Islamic State and specifically and the upcoming Mosul operation. The President reiterated his position on the importance of being fully prepared for the post-liberation period which would need a very thorough plan of managing the city and that the old order would no longer work.

barzani-and-us-military-generals-discussing-mosul-isis-liberationPresident Barzani and Minister von der Leyen held a press conference during which they both stated their commitment to the Mosul operation and the continuing efforts to defeat the terrorists.

Also on Friday President Barzani ani received a United States military delegation headed by General Joseph Votel, Commander of the United States Central Command. In addition to the military attendees, the delegation also included ambassador Douglas Silliman, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq.

President Barzani and General Votel reviewed some of the details of the recent agreement between Baghdad, Erbil and the the U.S.-led coalition about the Mosul operation. General Votel repeated the U.S. stance of seeing the Kurdistan Region as a key force for the Mosul operation and stated that the Peshmerga forces need to be further supported.

The President stated that the liberation of Mosul will be an essential part of the collective effort to defeat the terrorists and added that there needs to also be a plan for the day after ISIS for Mosul. He repeated his call for all concerned parties to partake in the planning for post-liberation Mosul.Al

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