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President Barzani Led Joint Peshmerga-US-Iraqi Forces Meeting

masoud barzani peshmerga iraq us isisThe President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani paid a visit to the Makhmour frontline on Thursday and led a joint meeting of the Peshmerga, US-led Counter-ISIS Coalition and Iraqi army generals. The meeting focused on the Mosul Liberation process. The meeting was attended by the acting Minister of Peshmerga, commanders of the 70th and 80th Units, US-led Coalition, Ninewa Operations of the Iraqi Army and the Sunni-led National Mobilization Forces.

President Barzani, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Peshmerga Forces, told the attendees that instead of holding any celebrations for the Ramadan Eid or paying visit to the martyrs’ families and Peshmergas, he has chosen to visit this front of the Peshmerga as a message to all Peshmerga forces and the families of martyrs.

“As the Peshmerga, Iraqi Army and Coalition forces are all gathered here, my coming was to give a message to the world that we stand united against a common enemy which is the enemy of entire humanity,” said President Barzani. “God-willingly, we will achieve large gains and defeat terrorists.”

He also said that the presence of most Peshmerga commanders from the entire fronts and commanders of 70th and 80th Units is evidence of the unity and coherence of Peshmerga forces. “The unity of the Peshmerga forces and the bloodshed of our Peshmerga on the defense lines are the principles of our nation’s unity,” he added.

The commanders discussed the details of the Mosul liberation process and the cooperation between all involved parties.

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