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ISIS Suicide Bomber Arrested BY KRSC

The terrorist Adnan Mohamad Sadiq
The terrorist Adnan Mohamad Sadiq

The Kurdistan Region’s Security Council (KRSC) announces the arrest of a suicide bomber of the Islamic State (ISIS) who was tasked to attack a marketplace in Duhok.

Adnan Mohamad Sadiq, known as Abu Fatima among ISIS ranks, is a Turkmen from Tala’far who was arrested in a joint special operation of the Protection Agency and Duhok Asayish forces in the Khirmir village of ‘ayazia sub-district belonging to the Tala’far district.

In addition to foiling his suicide belt, the KRSC says a number of weapons isis explosive materialsand explosive materials were apprehended in the house where the terrorist was apprehended that were used for the group’s activities in the area.

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