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Komal Party Members Detained Over Rudaw Bombing

kurdistan islamic group komalTwo senior members of the Kurdistan Islamic Group, known as Komal, have been detained by the security forces of the Kurdistan Region for ties to the terrorist attack on Rudaw Media Network on June 25th.

Early 28th June night, the Asayish security forces arrested Sa’di Mustafa on charges of involved in the attack on Rudaw. A moving car threw out a hand grenade from the window in front of the channel’s headquarter, injuring five people.

The following day another Komal member, Sarhad Osman, was arrested.

The Ministry of Interior has told Rudaw that the perpetrators have connections to the Islamic State (ISIS) and have conducted the operation under their command.

The Islamic Group denounced the arrests, showing support for their two members. In return, late last night the Asayish Directorate of Erbil released a statement, saying that it is their duty to protect all citizens without any differences. “No person or party that threatens national security has immunity,” read the statement, adding that the result of their interrogations will be released very soon.

The party is a hardline Islamists party that abandoned its jihadists armed struggle only in 2003 after the Iraqi War of 2003 when the US pounded the terrorists Ansar al-Islam group with bombs which had very strong ties to Komal. Its leader, Ali Bapir, was arrested in 2003 by the American when the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan informed the Americans that Bapir’s group is supportive of Ansar al-Islam’s actions.

HawlerTimes has learned that a large number of those young Kurds who have joined ISIS have affiliations to Komal or have been educated in the Islamic schools supervised by preachers who are members of Komal. Komal has six seats in the Parliament of Kurdistan. Since 2014, a number of Komal’s members have been arrested on the ground of connections to ISIS or attempting to join the group, as well as several of its preachers have been dismissed from mosques who have taught radical thoughts to their followers.

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