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KDP to Nawshirwan Mustafa: You Can’t Make Any Change

nawshirwan mustafaThe Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) responded to the leader of the Change Movement party on Thursday who had claimed they have started a wave of change in breaking KDP’s monopoly of power. “Together with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), we will bring unilateral decision-making to an end in this region,” Nawshirwan Mustafa said on Wednesday in a meeting with his party officials, referring to the recent political agreement between Gorran and the PUK.

On Thursday, the Erbil Court issued an arrest warrant for Nawshirwan Mustafa for his absence on the trial of his leaked sound tapes that goes back to 2014. In those tapes, Nawshiran Mustafa is meeting with a number of his party’s top officials, directing them to be take a tougher position against the KDP and the Barzani family. “If they do not concede to our requests, there are other things we could utilize. We can destabilize the security of Kurdistan anytime we want. We do it verbally. We don’t need to buy weapons. There are twenty plus consulates in Erbil, shoot two of them and they will all leave. Fifty oil companies are working in Kurdistan Region, kidnap two of their engineers and they will all leave. And we will do so.”

In response to Nawshirwan Mustafa’s statement of Wednesday, the KDP politburo said in a statement tat “Change can’t be made through lies, accusations and breaking internal unity. Neither will it be made through your threats. As you were not able to so in the past and also failed to achieve any change on February 17 [2011], August 23 and October 12 [2015], rest assured that you still can’t make any change. The best change available is for you to change yourself and stop playing politics with that dream.”

Meanwhile, Dilshad Shabab, member of the KDP leadership and a close adviser to Nechirvan Barzani, told Rudaw that during the government-formation talks between Gorran and KDP, the former asked them to wipe the PUK out from the political scene and to form the government without the PUK’s participation. “They even asked us to give them the position of the [PUK-held] vice president of Kurdistan,” he said.

“In the very first meeting, they said we do not condition our participation on the inclusion of other parties. Thereafter they were asking us why we are so enthusiastic for PUK’s participation and why we not declare the government without them. They told us to corner the PUK. In three of our meetings, they urged us to sign a political agreement but we declined in respect to our strategic agreement with the PUK. Later, when the presidency issue came up and Gorran created the political crisis, they overtly told us that is a consequence of not going into a political agreement with them. We hope that the PUK does not fall into that trap which Nawshirwan Mustafa has set up for the KDP and do not concede to an agreement aiming at weakening the KDP. The same words he uses now against the KDP he used to direct against his former comrades within the PUK ranks [after 2009].”

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