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President Barzani’s Statement on Progress of Reform Process

masoud barzani kurdistan reformKurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani issued a statement on the progress of the reform initiative that he had announced in February 2016.

The President lauded the reform plan recently announced by KRG in consultation with the World Bank, the UN, and other international and national organizations. He also thanked the World Bank, the UN and other organizations for their role in preparing this reform plan. In his statement, the President emphasized the importance of the objectives of the KRG’s reform plan which include the strengthening of the private sector, the banking system, diversification of government sources of revenue other than oil, creating job opportunities and protecting the poor and the vulnerable.

“The important thing is to implement this reform plan. We reiterate our full backing to this reform plan to succeed, and we call on the KRG to implement the plan thoroughly. We also call on all political parties, NGOs and media organizations to both support and monitor the progress of this reform plan,” said the President.

“In the three months following the announcement of the reform plan, 93 cases of corruption have been investigated and some of these have been referred to the courts. The KRG has recently made 40 decisions aimed at increasing transparency and reorganizing the oil sector. It is important for the people of Kurdistan to see tangible results and to see genuine reform undertaken in the KRG Ministry of Natural Resources. On 17/4 2016, we issued a decree requesting all KRG entities to provide full access to the Financial Audit. We have also formed a committee to look into the Ministry of Peshmerga and introduce reforms in this ministry.”

The President added that the comprehensive plan includes steps to tackle corruption and mismanagement in many sectors including medicine, food items, oil, and land.

“Confronting corruption must be all-encompassing and include all sectors in the government. This issue must not be politicized and all sides must support the reform plans. I reassure the people of Kurdistan that no one will be spared in this process and no official can stand in the way of these reforms. These reform steps will continue and they need the cooperation of all sides.”

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