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Masrour Barzani: There Is Unchanging Mentality in Baghdad

masrour barzani euMasrour Barzani tells a visiting European Union delegation that insistence on repeating past mistakes won’t serve the area.

On Wednesday the Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council Masrour Barzani received Nick Westcott, Managing Director for Middle East and North Africa at the European External Action Service, and his accompanying delegation. He told the delegation that the international community should look at Kurdistan’s option and program as part of a solution.

The war against ISIS, the EU humanitarian and military assistance to the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad-Erbil relations were the key themes of the meeting.

Explaining the battlefields, Masrour Barzani said that despite many victories and liberating large territory from ISIS, ISIS danger on the area and the world still persists. “I mentioned this in my speech in the European Parliament in November 2014,” he reminded the EU delegation.

He also called on the EU to provide further support for the Peshmerga to achieve faster military victories. “We need military, economic and humanitarian help from Europe, especially that a very large number of IDPs are residing in the Kurdistan Region and have become a huge burden.”

They also discussed the Erbil-Baghdad current and future relations in detail. “We have tried every way within Iraq but because of unchanging mentality and lack of belief in true partnership by Baghdad, they failed. To prevent the repeating of atrocities, Kurds have the right to look for other options that provide their interests and brings stability for the area.”

“How can we trust a mentality that considers the progress of the Kurdistan Region as a national security threat to itself whereas the Constitution defines us as part of this country,” he concluded.

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