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President Barzani Receives Amnesty International Delegation

masoud barzani and amnesty internationalPresident Masoud Barzani received an Amnesty International delegation headed by the organization’s Secretary General, Mr. Salil Shetty. President Barzani and Mr. Shetty spoke of the current situation in the Kurdistan Region and how the war against the terrorists of the Islamic State has had a great impact on the economic and other aspects of life in the Region.

Mr. Shetty stated that Amnesty International highly appreciates Kurdistan Region’s provision of a safe haven to well over a million refugees from Syria and IDP’s from the rest of Iraq. Mr. Shetty also spoke of the fact that Amnesty was among the first human rights organizations to label the crimes of the terrorists against the civilians in Sinjar and other parts of Kurdistan as “crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.”

The delegation requested that the Peshmerga forces demonstrate regard to human rights and that more efforts should be made to prevent these incidents into turning into a pattern.

President Barzani made reference to an August 2014 decree from the President’s office to the Peshmerga forces regarding respect for human rights. He added that there is very clear distinguishing between the terrorists of the Islamic State and the residents of the newly liberated areas. The unfortunate incidents that have taken place are isolated and are in no way part of any pattern.

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