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Masrour Barzani Receives Iraqi Red Crescent Society Delegation

masrour barzani and iraq red crescent societyPreparation plans for controlling the influx of displaced people from the long-awaited liberation operation of Mosul from the self-proclaimed Islamic State was the key subject of meeting between the Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council and a delegation from the Iraqi Red Crescent Society. They also discussed on how to protect the IDPs and minimizing the security risks associated with them.

On Tuesday, Masrour Barzani received Dr. Yasin Ahmed al-Ma’mouri head of Iraqi’s Red Crescent Society and Ihsan Sadiq the society’s branch manager in Erbil. The meeting was attended by Musa Ahmed the deputy president of the Barzani Charity Foundation.

They discussed humanitarian conditions in the IDP camps in the Kurdistan Region in which Dr. al-Ma’mouri thanked the Kurdistan Region’s hospitality in hosting over 1.8 million IDPs and refugees amidst a dire economic crisis.

Prior planning to host the IDP which will resort to the Kurdistan Region as a result of the Mosul liberation process was discussed between both parties. The Iraqi Red Crescent Society informed Masrour Barzani on their plans to receive Mosul’s IDPs in the Kurdistan Region in collaboration with the Barzani Charity Foundation and the Kurdistan Regional Government departments.

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