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Masrour Barzani: Iraq Has Never Been A Stable State For Kurds

masrour barzani atlantic staffMasrour Barzani tells a group of scholars from the Atlantic Council that the time has come to do undo the injustice done to the Kurds in the Middle East.

The scholars were led by the former US ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker; Kenneth M. Pollack expert on Middle East politics and military affairs; Michael Knights, expert on Iraqi and Gulf countries security and military affairs; Nussaibah Younis, senior Resident Fellow at the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East; and Peter Galbraith, veteran US diplomat and author of “The End of Iraq.”

The meeting focused on discussing the problems and crises of the Middle East, the war against ISIS, the future of Iraq and the gap between the Iraqi communities. The Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council Masrour Barzani emphasized that in order to solve out the differences and establishing a permanent peace, the past mistakes should not be repeated.

Masrour Barzani briefed the delegation of the roots and reasons of the problems and said that its time for the West to undo the injustice they have committed a century ago against the area.

“Iraq has never been a stable state for Kurds. Independence only option we haven’t tried to give guarantees of a secure future. If we can’t live together in one country, then we can be two good neighbors of each other. Our priority now is to fight ISIS, but referendum can’t become the prisoner of this war as it is very vital to conduct this referendum to know what Kurds aspire.”

“Kurds are skeptical of plans to keep Iraq a unitary state. Kurdistan’s independence will be recognition of the de-facto reality.”

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