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Barzani: I Kiss Hands of Anyone Achieving Independence

barzani5The President of the Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, tells his party’s cadres and officers, that he initiates reform from his own home. Barzani, who is also the president of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, told a graduation cohort of his party’s Academic Cadres Institute on Thursday the 10th of March, that he won’t change his words in Tehran or Ankara to please leaders of those countries.

These are Barzani statements:

“The role of KDP is very strong. Its adversaries, would they like it or not, cannot reduce this role. No force can sideline the KDP but ourselves and this is connected to serious reforms. It might be true that leaders of this party have given sacrifice, have fought and should therefore be respected, but everything has a limit. Up to the level of achievement is allowed but beyond that if someone does not respect himself and his party, then I am not obliged to respect him either.

That’s why I say I will start reform from my own home and then my party, and then with other people. We don’t want to do injustice to anyone, neither do we want to do injustice to the party for a single person and no one will be an exception.

As for the reform in the government, I have had meetings with the Integrity Commission, Financial Control and Judiciary Council, as the highest authorities by law for this work. I told them to do their work and I have so far twenty cases at my disposal which I will hand over to them soon. I am expecting from them to their work according to the law, however, would they fall short of doing their job, be uncertain or fearful, I will unswervingly do it myself.

Many times I have been to Tehran, Ankara, the Arab countries, Europe and the rest of the world. We definitely have a case, therefore when I go to Tehran or Ankara, they should not expect me saying something they want to hear, or going to Ankara and change my tone and speak according to them. The same for Europe. I have said no to several issues that have been not in the interests of our people in the United States.

On the Kurdish issue and what is discussed with them, we welcome the maximum of what they can accept. But we can delay the differences to another time and prevent escalating them to a conflict. But I will never change my opinion by going to Tehran or Ankara, this has never been me. As a responsibility, the Kurdish case is the center of our policy.

As for independence, talking about independence is neither a reaction nor outbidding as some say. I, as someone who neither believes it nor learned it, won’t do that and I hate those types of people. I have said in other occasions, we need to be loyal to all those sacrifices we have made for independence. How can we respond to the mothers of martyrs other than to be independent? Therefore I say, let either all of us end or reach independence.

I am shocked that within ourselves there are resentful people and full of hatred that have blinded their eyes to a degree they consider independence as a bad issue because it will branded with that person’s name; let it be branded by a child’s name, attain it and I shall kiss his hands. The person who believes in independence, the person who is ready to die for it, the person who respects the blood of martyrs, I am ready to work with him and I will take the responsibility for whatever outcome it will have.”


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