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KRSC: Swedish Young Girl Released From ISIS Captivity

Marlin Stivani Nivarlain
Marlin Stivani Nivarlain

The Kurdistan Region’s Security Council says that the Counter-Terrorism Forces (CTD) of the KRSC have released a young Swedish girl from ISIS captivity near Mosul.

The young lady who is 16 years old and named Marlin Stivani Nivarlain, was rescued on 17 February 2016 in an operation deep into the ISIS territory. “We were called upon by Swedish authorities and her family to help rescue her,” said a press release by the KRSC. “She was misled by an ISIS member in Sweden to travel to Syria and later to Mosul.”

The lady is now under the protection and accommodation of the Kurdistan Region and there are ongoing arrangements with the Swedish government to return her back to her country, said the KRSC.

On his part, the Chancellor of the KRSC, Masrour Barzani, congratulated the Counter Terrorism Forces for their bravery in releasing the Swedish lady.

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