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President Barzani Receives German Foreign Minister

Barzani and German FMPresident Masoud Barzani welcomed Mr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany. Mr. Steinmeier was accompanied by a delegation of the Ministry as well as German diplomats from Baghdad and Erbil. President Barzani welcomed the minister by a high Kurdistan Region delegation which included Mr. Masrour Barzani, the Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region Security Council.

The meeting was initiated by Mr. Steinmeier offering his congratulations to President Barzani and the Peshmerga forces for the Sinjar operation last month which resulted in the liberation of the town of Sinjar from the control of the terrorists of the Islamic State. Mr. Steinmeier also spoke of Germany’s military support to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and stated that that support will continue.

President Barzani and Mr. Steinmeier spoke of other military operations in Iraq and in Kurdistan against the terrorists of the Islamic State. The President stated that the operations will continue and took advantage of the opportunity to express his gratitude to the allies for their support to the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

President Barzani and Mr. Steinmeier discussed the political and economic situation in the Kurdistan Region and the relations between Baghdad and Erbil.

The two held a press conference after their meeting with the presence of local, national and international media outlets.

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