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Iraq’s Defense Minister Hopes Political Obstacles in Front of Peshmarga Aid Eliminates

12291168_498947520285980_3190669819220488252_oThe Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council Masrour Barzani tells the Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid Ubaidi that the Mosul Liberation Operation requires political and security agreement before anything step can be made.

In a meeting held on Saturday in Salahaddin Pirmam, Masrour Barzani received the Minister and Iraq’s Chief of AirForce Command Anwar Hama Amin. Both discussed the latest security and military developments and mechanisms of cooperation between the security institutions of the two capitals.

The Mosul Liberation Process was a key theme of the meeting. The Iraqi Defense Minister loudly praised the Peshmarga forces for liberating the town of Shingal, which he described as a highly contributing factor for Mosul’s liberation.

The Chancellor of the KRSC said that the Kurdistan Region will only deal with the official and constitutional forces in Iraq as they won’t be a factor for creating religious unrest. “The Peshmarga forces are an effective force against terrorists,” said Masrour Barzani on the Peshmarga’s participation in the Mosul liberation. “Therefore it will be helping in the crushing of terrorists anywhere required.”

He also emphasized that the post-liberation of Mosul is very crucial for the Kurdistan Region. Masrour Barzani asked the Iraqi government delegation that before the operation starts, it should be clear to the Kurdistan Region by an agreement where the Peshmarga forces will be, on which line and how a joint administration will be formed for the province which will avoid the past problems of discrimination and prejudices against the different communities of the province.

The Defense Minister applauded the role of the Peshmarga forces and their bravery in fighting terrorism. He admitted that Baghdad’s assistances to the Peshmarga have not been up the expectations and hoped for the elimination of the political obstacles in front of delivering assistances to the Peshmarga.

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