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President Barzani Meets US Deputy Secretary of State Blinken

Barzani and Anthony BlinkenKurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani today met with United States Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Salahhadin to discuss the ongoing efforts to defeat ISIS, and security and political developments in Iraq and in Syria.

Mr. Blinken praised the military successes of the peshmerga forces against ISIS terrorists in recent months, especially the recapture of the town of Sinjar last week. He stated that the United States government would continue to support the peshmerga forces.

President Barzani said that without air support from the US and other coalition partners, the liberation of Sinjar would not have been possible. He reiterated his thanks to the US and other coalition countries. The President added that the liberation of Sinjar demonstrated that with close cooperation and coordination, ISIS can be defeated.

The President and the US Deputy Secretary of State also underlined the urgent need to help rebuild Sinjar following its liberation.

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