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Kurdistan Leadership Express Sympathy to Paris Attacks

pray for paris kurdistanThe President and Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region expressed their sympathy and solidarity to the people of France for the Paris shooting which killed 128 people and injured 190 other people.

“In a message to the French President, President Barzani said that the people of Kurdistan stands with the French people in solidarity,” released the Kurdistan Region Presidency on their website. “Adding that as victims of terrorism themselves, they send their heartfelt condolences to the French people.”

Meanwhile PM Nechirvan Barzani paid a visit to the French Consulate General in Erbil to express the KRG’s symphaty and support to the French Government in the war against terrorism. “France has stood resolutely with the Kurdistan Region in our own struggle against terrorism, and we will stand with them in theirs. The challenge of defeating this threat unites so many nations and peoples around the world. It is a struggle between civilization and intolerance and barbarism,” he said in a released statement.


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