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President Barzani Declared Shingal Liberation

barzani shingalVowing that “no other flag will rise in Sinjar (Shingal),” Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani declared the town liberated from ISIS Friday, and congratulated Yezidi Kurds on the victory.

“Sinjar is liberated by the Peshmerga. I congratulate the people of Kurdistan, especially the Yezidis,” Barzani said in the town overtaken by the Islamic State in August last year, and which became a symbol of ISIS atrocities.

“We delivered on our pledge to liberate Sinjar,” Barzani declared.

In response to a question by Rudaw about the participation of other Kurdish forces such as the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) from Syria in the Shingal operation, Barzani underscored that the Kurdish Yezidi town was liberated only by the Peshmerga

“Aside from the Kurdistan flag, we do not accept any other flag rising over Sinjar,” he vowed.

“This was a Peshmerga-led operation,” Barzani said, confirming earlier statements by the Pentagon, which said that US advisers on the ground were working with the Peshmerga to direct fire by the US and coalition forces.

“I thank you America and the Kurdish people,“ the president said.

“Sinjar is very important because it has become a symbol of the injustice against the people of Kurdistan,” Barzani reminded the world.


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