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President Barzani: Shingal Liberation Soon

Masoud Barzani ShingalPresident of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani delivered a speech Monday in Duhok at a ceremony to honor the first anniversary of the Shingal Massacre, which the Islamic State, or ISIS, enacted upon Kurdish Yezidis.  

“Nothing hurt me as much as the catastrophe that befell the Yazidi Kurds,” Barzani said in ceremony that was televised by Rudaw.

He continued: “I promise, God willing, that we will liberate Shingal very soon. Shingal is located in area distant from the Kurdistan region and the enemy has benefited from this distance which has kept us from liberating the area.”

Barzani also warned against inappropriate violence.

“I promise retribution from all the criminals, but through legal ways. I call the Yezidi brothers not to carry out random vengeful acts, because that will create negative reactions towards Kurdistan region and our Yazidi brothers and sisters,” Barzani said. 

“We will take our revenge on the battlefields,” he added. 

Barzani explained that the Yezidi Kurds paid the price for keeping their identity and religion.

Barzani concluded his speech by stressing that the militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) “fought inhumanley.”

“But we will fight them in humane manner… and we will return to Shingal together,” he said.

ISIS forces overran the Shingal district on August 3, forcing thousands of Yezidi Kurds to flee to the mountains. Hundreds of Yezidis were killed and thousands more taken into captivity, mostly women and young girls.


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