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Masoud Barzani: HDP and AKP Should Form Government

IRAQ-KURDS-POLITICS-BARZANIOn Sunday night, the President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani released a statement on the recent conflict between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish army.

A few excerpts of his text that has been published by his Office reads as follows:

It has been for a century that we Kurds have been fighting oppression and occupation; nor were we able to change the reality neither could our adversaries annihilate us. Therefore I have reached the conclusion that […] every peace opportunity should be seized.

If we realistically look at the situation in Turkey, before the Justice and Development Party (AKP), the words of Kurd and Kurdistan and any other Kurdish symbol were banned. We did our best to establish a basis for a peace process in Turkey. After many meetings and negotiations, we found out that the AKP and Mr. Erdogan have a different viewpoint than their predecessors about the Kurdish issue. Therefore, we approached the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to participate in negotiations and urged that Mr. Ocalan becomes a key party in the peace negotiations.

We do not represent the policies of Turkey or the PKK. All what we can is to help them to negotiate and come together… I have sent many messages for the PKK to be patient as peace is a difficult process and needs forbearance. I have told them that by killing two police officers Turkey doesn’t come to an end and that currently there are great chances available for them to continue their struggle peacefully by pen, polling stations, dialogue and politics. We still believe that the HDP should agree with AKP to form a new government as that will have large gains for Kurds and the entire Turkey and area.

From the beginning, withdrawing decision-making from Mr. Ocalan and HDP by PKK leadership with regard to giving up arms and ending the armed struggle permanently was a major mistake, as that makes Turkey not to consider Mr. Ocalan as a negotiation partner and brings the HDP under more political and parliamentary pressure after their great success.

In the end, we reiterate that returning back to the peace process and dialogue is the only way forward to resolve the problems and we will do our best for dialogue and revival of the peace process.



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