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KRG to Increase Oil Exports to Turkey

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The KRG started to sell its oil independently last spring.

The Kurdistan Regional Government will increase oil exports to Turkey to 625,000 barrels per day from June, an official from the Kurdish parliament announced Wednesday.

“We will keep raising oil delivery due to the December 2nd agreement between Erbil and Baghdad,” Delshad Shaban, the deputy head of the oil and gas committee in the Kurdish parliament told the Turkish Anadolu Agency

“The Kurdish government will stick to the agreement,” he added.

The KRG promised to export 550,000 barrels per day, but due to the conflict in the region, exports from the Kurdistan Region have been lower than the agreed targets, said Shaban.

“The additional 75,000 barrels will count for the loss in promised targets,” he added.

Shaban maintains the main reasons for the failure in oil export targets are due to Islamic State (IS) control of certain oil wells in Kirkuk and maintenance issues on oil pipelines.

According to an agreement reached between Erbil and Baghdad on December 2nd, the Kurdish government was to export 250,000 barrels of oil per day and the Kirkuk province 300,000 barrels per day under the supervision of the Iraqi federal government’s oil marketing company, SOMO.

In return, Baghdad was to provide 17 percent of the national budget.


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