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Masrour Barzani Thanks Jordan for Health Support

The Jordanian team said they have treated 91 thousand patients so far.
The Jordanian team said they have treated 91 thousand patients so far.

The Adviser of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council expressed thanks to the Jordanian King for supporting Kurdistan Region in the fight against ISIS terrorists by providing health assistance.

Masrour Barzani received a medic team from the Jordanian Maidan Hospital in the Kurdistan Region, comprising of Commander Fawaz A’yd al-Hidiyan, Communications Officer ‘Asim al-Majani, and Public Relations Officer Ouday al-Ja’afra.

The hospital was founded in July 2014 and consists of 18 clinics and departments.

The Adviser of the KRSC thanked the Jordian King Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein for assigning Jordanian medics to assist the Peshmarga forces who need strong health support. “Our relations with the Jordanian Kingdom of Hashemite and HE King Abdullah II are very strong,” said Masrour Barzani, adding: “He has done his best for the Kurdistan Region, which is of the utmost appreciation of the people of Kurdistan and we wish those relations to be even stronger.”

On their part, the Jordanian medic team said they have come to serve the Peshmarga forces and briefed Masrour Barzani on the establishment of the hospital in Kurdistan Region and their works since then, asserting that until now they have had five hundred operations and treatments for ninety-one thousand patients.

In response, Masrour Barzani thanked the team for their work and assured them that they are in their home. He also discussed the needs of the physicians of the Hospital and called on the KRG-related officials to facilitate for their requirements.

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